Pastoral Care

First things first: What does Pastoral Care mean? It simply means how we seek and receive guidance from others about our relationship with Christ.

Pastoral care begins by investing in the lives of other Christ-followers. For many people, these are the relationships where they can both offer and receive spiritual encouragement. These are the relationships where trusting friendships are formed—friendships that can last a lifetime and can carry us through life's most challenging moments. Part of why we strongly encourage members to become involved in classes and small groups is to help develop these relationships.

However, there are times when you need more than the love and prayers of friends. You need dedicated prayer and counseling from mature spiritual leaders. Our elders and their spouses are committed to providing that prayer and counsel as needed.  In fact, they view this service as their primary role as an elder of GCR. If you or someone you know needs spiritual guidance and prayer, please contact Tim Baugh.

Finally, the elders also recognize there may be times when people need the guidance of a trained professional, and they have made provisions to help members of the GCR family address this need.  If you would like to learn more, please contact Tim Baugh.

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