World Bible School

Since the 1950's, World Bible School (WBS) has been sending Bible correspondence courses free of charge to students around the world. WBS now serves over 2 million students from 141 nations. The courses are designed to teach the gospel and God's plan of salvation using prepared lessons and teachers from U.S. Churches of Christ. 

GCR began in Kenya in 1996 to use the synergy of combining the existing WBS model with a paid, local staff. We began using Kenyans to staff an office and eventually hired other Kenyans to do follow-up work with students there. Soon we began to hire more workers who would sign up students within a radius they could easily reach. Our workers send us the names of students for the correspondence course, and, when the student is ready to study with someone in depth or needs to connect with a church, we refer the student back to our workers. 

This work has grown from about five baptisms per year before our program change in Kenya, to more than 1,000 per year during the last 2 years as we have added more workers. This work also establishes 10-12 new churches every year in Kenya. So far this year, we have had 811 baptisms and 9 new churches from our 22 Kenyan workers. 

We also hired part-time workers to sign up new students from Kenya public schools. Our 'name-getters' sign up about 5,000 new students a month. GCR takes what our teachers can handle, and the rest of the names go to WBS headquarters in Austin. They in turn, share them with many other church’s WBS programs.

Maureen Mbuvi runs our entire operation in Kenya, overseeing these 22 full-time and 12 part-time workers. All funds go through her and are distributed both to the workers and also to the eight orphanages that have been established through the efforts of our most-trusted WBS workers. 

By using the follow-up workers and name-getters, we now have over half of Kenya covered well for WBS work, and we continue to grow yearly. The GCR budget provides funds for the WBS correspondence courses and follow-up workers, and it has proven to be an excellent tool for evangelism. 

Some of our WBS workers and GCR ministry leaders at our recent meeting in Kenya.

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