Church Planting

GCR’s Beginning – Golf Course Road Church of Christ began as a church plant of North A & Tennessee Church of Christ in 1963.

GCR’s Move to Church Planting – Our church planting program started as a domestic arm of our missions program with a focus on our surrounding region. As God granted success and opportunity, so did our desire to plant churches.

GCR’s First Daughter Church – In 2005, GCR partnered with Stadia to plant a church in our own area. With the participation of many of our own members and a strong church planting team, New Life Church was planted in Odessa, TX.

GCR’s Church Planting Strategy – Since that time, we have teamed up with Nexus for experienced church planting and leader care to:
• Partner with like-minded Restoration Heritage churches.
• Find church planters with a heart for establishing Bible-based churches committed to following God’s mission.
• Oversee church plant projects with Church Partner Management Teams.

GCR’s Results - We have been involved in more than 36 successful church plant projects led by passionate church planters. Our partners and plants are located across our target region. There is an average region-wide weekly attendance of 4,500 people, and 371 people have been baptized in 2013 alone.

To date, GCR has planted or helped plant 36 churches, of which 29 are still flourishing, and that’s just the beginning. We’re setting our sights on new locations all over the region. 

Our Partnership with
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We are partnering with Nexus, a team that specializes in church planting and leader care through assessment, training, coaching, and mentoring. Nexus has helped us plant churches that plant churches that plant churches, resulting in: More Churches – More Often – In More Places – Among More People Groups – With More Leader Care – So That More People Can Be Saved!

Our Invitation

We are looking for church planters and church partners. Is the Holy Spirit prompting you to be part of this effort? Are you a potential church planter? If you’re looking to invest your life in meaningful ministry in fields that are ripe for harvest, contact us! We’d love to help you assess your readiness for church planting. What would it look like if your church became a partner in a church planting ministry that will leave a legacy of an ever-growing family of churches that will reach people far outside your current sphere of influence? If you are interested in exploring this further, if you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact:

Golf Course Road Church of Christ (432) 694-8836
Discover our passion for launching a multiplying movement of life-changing Restoration Heritage churches
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