GCR Missions Focus

The purpose of GCR missions is to support mission efforts:

  • Among receptive people.
  • That establish and build self-sustaining and multiplying congregrations.
  • That train indigenous peoples to evangelize and establish those types of congregations.
  • That involve GCR members whenever possible.

Current Mission Efforts

Brazil: The Campo Grande congregation oversees a two-year leadership training school, and we are honored to partner with them. The purpose of this school is to train native church leaders to be more effective. They receive academic training as well as practical ministry training. We also support two church plants in Caxias and Niteroi, Brazil.

Cambodia: Sokhom Hun, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide, became a Christ-follower shortly after leaving Cambodia. After years of owning a successful business in the U.S., he felt called to return to Cambodia and spread the Good News of Christ. He established a school of preaching in Cambodia with the focus of training former Muslims to go back to their villages to plant Christian churches. We are honored to support Sokhom and this school.

China: Recently, we began supporting a missions team in China and are extremely excited about the opportunity to spread the Gospel there. Their names and location are not revealed for their safety.

India: Through the tireless efforts of the late Gary Tate, whose love for the people of India grew from his time stationed there during World War II, the works we support are too numerous to adequately describe here. We support multiple local evangelists, schools, orphanages, and World Bible School courses.

Indonesia: In partnership with Missions Resource Network and the PP Church in Singapore, we support the Batam Bible College led by Dr. Winston Bolt. Each year several new evangelists leave this school to plant new churches throughout Indonesia.

Jordan: We support an American team living in Jordan working to spread the gospel there. Their names and location are not revealed for their safety.

South Texas/Mexico: Some of the poorest communities in Texas are located near Pharr, TX close to the border of Mexico. We partner with the Church of Christ, North to provide basic needs to these communities and to spread the Good News of Christ.

Uganda: GCR is involved in a small project in Mbale, Uganda that started 20 years ago and has grown to three evangelists, with each caring for approximately ten village churches. We support those evangelists as well as LivingStone University, a training school for leaders from several African nations, including Kenya.

Zambia: Sheppard and Ruhtt Mbumwae work with several churches and their surrounding communities in rural Zambia. We love their desire to spread the gospel and have supported their efforts for some time. We also support an annual mission to this area that focuses on medical care and helping existing churches with various needs.

General Mission Efforts: The list goes on and is too long to fully describe here. However, here are some of the other missions we are proud to support:

  • The Chappell Family in Scotland
  • Annual work in Lima, Peru
  • Young Life Middle East
  • CRU Outreach in Moscow and Italy
  • Spring break and summer campaigns of GCR students
  • Individual missions and short-term projects of GCR members
  • Local church support in the Permian Basin
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